Looking For The Cheapest Gas Price? Try One Of These Membership Programs First

Gasoline prices are finally starting to drop slightly across the US, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way to save. Fuel is essential for many of us. Unless you have an electric car. As with any purchase, always look for the best deals.

In fact, there are currently several other ways to conserve gas. One of the best ways to offer a range of benefits is through membership with one of these retailers:

We know that paying for a membership to save money seems counterproductive, but in the long run this will pay off. Walmart Plus, Costco and Sam’s Club are the three easiest ways to help cut gas bills. An added benefit is that you can save money in other areas of your weekly spending as well.

Wondering how membership can help you save money on these sites? Let’s break it down.

Walmart Plus: $98 per year

Walmart Plus has a lot of perks, but what’s handy right now is a discount on fuel. If you’re a paid Walmart Plus subscriber, you can save 5 cents per gallon when you refuel at your personal Walmart or local Murphy gas station. Walmart Plus membership also allows access to member rates at Sam’s Club Fuel Center. Of all these places, there are over 2,000 places where you can save fuel.

You can sign up for Walmart Plus for $13 per month or $98 per year. This also includes benefits like prescription discounts, free grocery delivery from local stores, and free Walmart.com shipping with no minimum order required.

Costco: From $60/year

Many Costco locations have gas stations that offer discounted gas to all members. A membership card is required to use the pump, but you can save up to 15 cents per gallon, depending on your location (even lower discounts are available). If you also have a Citi Costco credit card, you can get 4% cashback when you refill your car. And who doesn’t like to get a refund for a basic purchase? Both regular fuels and premium fuels meet “the highest standards”, so you can get high quality cheap and affordable. There are about 600 Costco fuel sites in the United States.

Although the lines were long at Costco stores across the country, remember that it doesn’t matter which side the tank is on, as the hose goes both ways. With a Costco membership, you can also have warehouse locations that sell food, electronics, plants, household goods, and more. There are several membership tiers to choose from depending on your shopping habits, with basic tiers starting at $60 per year.

Sam ‘s Club: Enjoy your first year for $20

Sam’s Club is another warehouse retailer that charges an annual fee to take advantage of the discount. Membership in Sam’s Club is typically $45 per year. However, if you sign up for the first time, you can get the deal for just $20, and you’ll get a free roast chicken and brownies when you shop. Sam’s Club Fuel Center offers members a 5 cent discount on all purchases (except New Jersey, where this is prohibited).

You must have your membership card with you at all times as you must be a member to use the pump on these sites. It’s worth noting that Costco supplies “first-class” gas, but Sam’s Club doesn’t.

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